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TBTThursday: Thursday in Warped Tour 2006 Magazine

TBTThursday: Thursday in Warped Tour 2006 Magazine

Today's #TBTThursday entry comes from 1,000 Paper Cranes member Tyler Doak. 

To quote Tyler:

"This is Thursday's entry in the Warped Tour 2006 magazine. I found it in my brother's room. My brother went this year and actually met Geoff randomly while hanging out. Geoff was walking around and one of his friends noticed him so they had a little chat. This is also the same year I first heard Thursday. I remember seeing their video for Counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 on MTV2."

The article reads:

After a few years fraught with breakup rumors and personal ups and downs, post-hardcore heroes Thursday returned to the scene this spring with A City By The Light Divided, a powerful sonic reclamation that expands the band’s creative reach without sacrificing the power and honesty that made previous records, like Full Collapse and War All The Time such treasures. This year, the band are also hoping to bring a greater sense of musical adventure to the Warped Tour stage. “We’ve always tried to make music that was challenging creatively, but [that] also talked back to the world of music around us,” explains guitarist Tom Keeley. “A lot of what we’ve tried to do was reacting to what we were hearing around us. Hopefully, this year we can present something that acts as a catalyst for change. I think there are a few bands that can do that this year on Warped. I’m hoping things will get shaken up a bit, and that the rules of what is popular get smashed away. We can’t wait to be a part of that.”

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Posted on July 27th, 2017

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